The body mass index (BMI) allows you to quickly assess your body size simply with your weight and height, regardless of your gender.


Quickly calculate your BMI and find out which category you fall into.

The body mass index (BMI) is the only index validated by the World Health Organization to assess the build of an individual and therefore the possible health risks. BMI helps to determine whether you are underweight, overweight or obese, for example.


It is calculated simply by dividing the weight (in kg) by the square of the height (m). A normal BMI is between 18.5 and 25.



Healthy and Well balanced Diet


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Body mass index (BMI)

less than 18.5

18.5 to 25

25 to 30

30 to 35

35 to 40

more than 40


Interpretation (from WHO)

Underweight (lean)

Healthy weight


Moderate obesity

Severe obesity

Morbid or massive obesity