Checking Weight

1:1 Weight Loss Programme

A Life-changing weight loss programme

Individual nutritional therapy with tailored weight loss and life changing nutrition plan.

Personal training available on demand

Available worlwide


  • Start with a 12 weeks plan

    • Phase 1 - KickStart: Weekly 1:1 Consultation for one month ​

    • Phase 2 - Transforme: Follow up consultation every 2 weeks

    • Phase 3 - Balance: Follow up consultation on demande

  • Protected time with the nutritionist

  • I take time to understand the bigger picture, to meet your expectations and your goal

  • Lifestyle questionnaire and food diary

  • Personalized and tailored weight loss plan explained and send by email

  • Behavioral coaching to shape positive change

  • Bespoke support for exiting health and medical condition

  • Weekly consultation to keep you motivated and give you all the support you need to reach your goal with success 

  • Advice to help you building up new habit and better lifestyle

  • Advices to help you organise your day, your meal, your trips

  • Private 1:1 personal training option to boost your result

  • Available worldwide 

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After week weeks ?


Your goal is to lose 3kg or to lose 60kg or even more, the programme won't last the same. 


However you might start seeing some amazing results and physical changes


You should have a better energy lever and build up new food habits 


You should feel more confident to keep on going with the nutrition plan


The follow up can be on demand according to your needs in term of motivation



You meet your goal ?

The maintenance phase is as important than the weight loss one, one month per lost kilos. We advise you to maintain a monthly follow up.

More than a weight loss:

Improve energy level and concentration

Improve daily performance 

Stress management

Boost metabolism 

More confident

Shape your body

Healthy benefit

 No more fad-diets

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I will be by your side throughout your journey to inspire and encourage you: offer you positive support, an evaluation and an analysis of the results so that you can understand why you are losing weight or not and help you remain motivated at all time with the program and successfully achieve the dream weight.