Who I am

" I help men and women to feel better in their body by losing weight and improve their lifestyle.

I offer a unique and amazing life changing experience "

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Nutritionist - 19 years experiences


✓  Personal Trainer - 8 years experiences

✓ Living in London for 15 years.


✓ Mother of two girls, 3 and 7 years old.


✓ Judo: 12 years - included 4 years high level competition

✓ Ice skating: 5 years  



✓ Specialized in weight loss


✓ Specialized in sport nutrition


✓ Specialized in functional nutrition for chronic pain and chronic inflammation.  


"I will be by your side throughout your journey to inspire and encourage you: offer you positive support, an evaluation and an analysis of the results so that you can understand why you are losing weight or not and help you remain motivated at all time with the program and successfully achieve the dream weight"


✓, Member of British Dietetic Association (BDA)


Member of French Dietetic Association (AFDN)

✓ Dietician - Nestle Health Science - London

✓ Dietician - Aramark Ltd - London

✓ Dietician - Nestle Nutrition - Paris